Charlie and Phillip’s First Few Months Cortisol Pumping – The Reality…TV Show

The transcript from episode 902 of the Dr Bruce Show (an Australian reality advice program). In today's episode, Dr Bruce talks with Phillip, a 2 month old cortisol pump who says he has a bad mother-pumper who's neglectful, irresponsible and takes him for granted. Phillip's mother-pumper, Charlie says she's exhausted from caring for Phillip and fed up with his drama, impatience and attention-seeking behaviour.


My First Days Cortisol Pumping Were a Hot Mess

The first few days on the pump rank amongst getting married and doing high-school exams as being the most stressful and busy of my life. I was an exhausted, anxious, excited hot-mess (literally because I'd flown to tropical Queensland to start on the pump). I was in no condition to be able to put coherent words to what I was going through. Now, four months later, I'm ready to answer your question "how did you feel in those first few days?"