On Being the Unhelped Unwell

"Maybe you are doing too much", "but all of my other patients are doing well" and "if only you lost weight, you'd feel better," are classic examples of unhelp for the unwell. These unhelpful strategies caused me a storm of distress and wasted my precious time. Find out how I eventually found doctors who were helpful (hint: it involved a bin).


Don’t Take No for an Answer: Common Cortisol Pump Myths Debunked

This path is often long, frustrating and lonely. You need to be prepared to become an expert in the topic, to sack doctors who are unwilling to get on board, to network with anyone who knows anything about cortisol pumping, to reach out to strangers and ask for their help, to ask a second or third time, to argue your case, to jump through bureaucratic hoops and to address many objections which will be placed in your path.

Rewriting the Fairy-Tale of Addison’s and the Magic Pill

The Classic Fairy-Tale of the Magic Pills Once upon a time there was a healthy young women who liked to help others and dance. One day she noticed that she was getting tired very easily, was sleeping all of the time and her skin had turned bronze. Everyone thought that she looked very healthy. "What … Continue reading Rewriting the Fairy-Tale of Addison’s and the Magic Pill