Celebrating my Top Ten Anti-Achievements for 2018

As a disabled woman, I usually struggle to participate in the wonderfully boastful ritual of annual achievements, but this year I've said fuck it, I'm going to celebrate all of the ways in which I've turned my back on the goals, and kicked the football into the bonnet of the car parked on the boundary and set off it's alarm. I'm going to celebrate breaking my diet, being unreliable at work and allowing my disability to define me.


Disabled is Not a Dirty Word!

Last week I was involved in the Melbourne Fringe Festival event the Disability Pride is Back Mural in Footscray. Over 50 people with disabilities contributed and pasted-up artwork (drawings, prints, poetry, images) to create a huge street-mural celebrating disability pride and culture. I'm sure that my involvement in this event has left some of my … Continue reading Disabled is Not a Dirty Word!

7 Useful Phrases for Travellers to SickCity

As a frequent traveller to SickCity, I've compiled a list of my top 7 most useful phrases for communicating effectively with the locals (known as "medical professionals" or colloquially as "doctors" or "nurses"). To become a confident med-speaker, I recommend role-playing these phrases with a friend or in front of a mirror. 1. I refuse … Continue reading 7 Useful Phrases for Travellers to SickCity

Who Moved my Speedboat? Life with Chronic Crappiness

Becoming chronically crappy was a life-shattering event: life was splintered into a thousand little pieces that were impossible to reassemble back into the same pattern. No part of my life has been untouched by the experience and no part is now the same. Sometimes I feel as though my new life is lived in an … Continue reading Who Moved my Speedboat? Life with Chronic Crappiness