My First Days Cortisol Pumping Were a Hot Mess

The first few days on the pump rank amongst getting married and doing high-school exams as being the most stressful and busy of my life. I was an exhausted, anxious, excited hot-mess (literally because I'd flown to tropical Queensland to start on the pump). I was in no condition to be able to put coherent words to what I was going through. Now, four months later, I'm ready to answer your question "how did you feel in those first few days?"


Fairy Godmothers vs Robots: The Science (Fiction) of Cortisol Pumping

The logical first questions when hearing of cortisol pumping are - what are you talking about, how does this thing work, and what exactly can this thing do for me or my loved one? Even if you already know the science, I’m going to fill a niche by answering these questions science-fiction and fantasy style.

The Emergency Delivery of Addison Disease

After ten years of seeking answers for fluctuating energy levels, my twin diagnoses of Hashimoto's and Addison's Diseases arrived a couple of weeks apart. Addison's was delivered in the emergency department at around midnight on 14th June 2014 by the simple act of reading 2 numbers. For several hours, I'd been harassing any nurse who … Continue reading The Emergency Delivery of Addison Disease

What is Addison’s Disease: Explanations to Entertain, Educate and Impress a Crowd

If asked to take the cocktail-party challenge and explain Addison's Disease in a single entertaining sentence, I would say "my adrenal glands were damaged during a knife-fight with Mr Addison." [Insert pause for laughter]. I'd then proceed to say "yep, I'd never heard of Addison's Disease before diagnosis either. This is the disease that gave … Continue reading What is Addison’s Disease: Explanations to Entertain, Educate and Impress a Crowd