Charlie and Phillip’s First Few Months Cortisol Pumping – The Reality…TV Show

The transcript from episode 902 of the Dr Bruce Show (an Australian reality advice program). In today's episode, Dr Bruce talks with Phillip, a 2 month old cortisol pump who says he has a bad mother-pumper who's neglectful, irresponsible and takes him for granted. Phillip's mother-pumper, Charlie says she's exhausted from caring for Phillip and fed up with his drama, impatience and attention-seeking behaviour.


My First Days Cortisol Pumping Were a Hot Mess

The first few days on the pump rank amongst getting married and doing high-school exams as being the most stressful and busy of my life. I was an exhausted, anxious, excited hot-mess (literally because I'd flown to tropical Queensland to start on the pump). I was in no condition to be able to put coherent words to what I was going through. Now, four months later, I'm ready to answer your question "how did you feel in those first few days?"

Celebrating my Top Ten Anti-Achievements for 2018

As a disabled woman, I usually struggle to participate in the wonderfully boastful ritual of annual achievements, but this year I've said fuck it, I'm going to celebrate all of the ways in which I've turned my back on the goals, and kicked the football into the bonnet of the car parked on the boundary and set off it's alarm. I'm going to celebrate breaking my diet, being unreliable at work and allowing my disability to define me.