Fairy Godmothers vs Robots: The Science (Fiction) of Cortisol Pumping

The logical first questions when hearing of cortisol pumping are - what are you talking about, how does this thing work, and what exactly can this thing do for me or my loved one? Even if you already know the science, I’m going to fill a niche by answering these questions science-fiction and fantasy style.


Introducing Phillip! My New Cortisol Pump

After 2 months of cortisol pumping, I give you Phillip the Pump! Thanks everyone who has supported Phillip with enthusiasm. People have been asking me how he's going. I've been answering with incoherent mumbling including the words "so much to learn", "exhausted" and "rash". But I've pulled myself together somewhat and I'm ready to show him off to the world.

Celebrating my Top Ten Anti-Achievements for 2018

As a disabled woman, I usually struggle to participate in the wonderfully boastful ritual of annual achievements, but this year I've said fuck it, I'm going to celebrate all of the ways in which I've turned my back on the goals, and kicked the football into the bonnet of the car parked on the boundary and set off it's alarm. I'm going to celebrate breaking my diet, being unreliable at work and allowing my disability to define me.

Disabled is Not a Dirty Word!

Last week I was involved in the Melbourne Fringe Festival event the Disability Pride is Back Mural in Footscray. Over 50 people with disabilities contributed and pasted-up artwork (drawings, prints, poetry, images) to create a huge street-mural celebrating disability pride and culture. I'm sure that my involvement in this event has left some of my … Continue reading Disabled is Not a Dirty Word!